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Do you ever wonder why photoshoots have so many people behind the camera? 

Well first, let's ask some questions...

When was the last time you shared a picture on social media? Better yet, when was the last time you just took a picture with your phone? Don't be shy, it was today, wasn't it? Did you go through the unwritten checklist of smartphone photography? Something like this...lift the chin, check the eye line, angle camera, Portrait Mode!...ok now where's my light? Next thing you know, you're pivoting like Ross (PIVOT!) in the middle of the street trying to get the best exposure for your shot.

My name is Trevor, founder of Brighteye, and as a working actor I've spent years in front of and behind the camera. Being on set, working with photographers, and setting up my own home studio taught me long ago that there is really only one unbreakable, sacred, golden rule.

Lighting is EVERYTHING.

The better the crew, the better the light, the better they look. Period.

Don't let anyone tell you different, no matter how beautiful, how chiseled, how flawless someone might look, they are getting a lot of help from the light and the literal CREW of people behind the camera. 

Now that you know the secret, the next question is...What do we do when the light isn't right?


And Brighteye was born.


Smaller and lighter than most compact mirrors, the Brighteye Portable Ring Light attaches to smartphones, tablets, and laptop screens. 40 high powered LED lights powered by a 600mAh battery can quickly adapt to your environment with 3 distinct color temperatures and adjustable brightness.

No additional equipment required, no special phone cases, no "kits" or "cubes" needed.

Just bring your phone.

So feel free to take a selfie on the beach at dusk, film a How-to survival video in the woods, or set the mood for that new viral Tik-Tok. The pros already use ring lights at home, so join the millions of members who know that lighting is everything and we will help you.

Bring Your Light.

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